We help you create hit games! We are the leading publisher with over 1.5 billion downloads in 2018. Our team coaches developers of all sizes to build and grow games that reach the top the charts. Send us your game and we’ll be in touch with the next steps to make a hit!
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Coaching We believe in face to face conversations to help you improve your games. Our publishing team will coach you on finding ideas, game design, art and tech. We will share all of our learnings and iterate using a data driven approach to make hits together.
Marketing and Monetization We are the leading expert on sending games to the top of the charts! Our marketing team will take care of everything so that you can focus on making awesome games whilst enjoying the revenue your games deserve.
LiveOps Once your game is live, our LiveOps team will help you test and optimize the gameplay, and add features to reach your amazing player retention and value. Thanks to our LiveOps, developers have seen up to 500% increase in revenue.
Success stories
BDJ Studios
BDJ Studios2 Star Gamesh8gamesApp Advisory
Rolly Vortex " With Voodoo, our struggle of 3 years in the game development field came to a soothing end, our game, Rolly Vortex, was downloaded 11 million times in just 3 months after the launch. Voodoo’s helpful feedback on our game and their super strong UA team turned it around for us. " Yadnesh BDJ Studios