A passionate team to help you create your next hit game

Selected studios will get access to personalized coaching with a passionate, dedicated team. A publishing manager to help ideate and improve gameplay, launch ops developers and artists for the most technical topics, user acquisition and creative management to attract engaged users, monetisation and liveops to boost the retention and monetization of your game in the long run.

Improve your games’ KPIs with our e-learning hub

Voodoo partner studios also get access to an invaluable set of resources, such as hyper-casual guidelines and spec examples, learnings based on case studies and livestreams with live Q&As.

Case Study : Aquapark.io

Free testing for all your ideas

Without real users playing your games, you won’t be able to know if they have potential. We offer the testing for all your prototypes to enable you to see who plays your games and how - with strong support from our customer success team.

Our long-lasting relationship

Hyper-casual games often take one to two weeks to prototype. But practice makes perfect. All of Voodoo's hits are the result of months of close collaboration. Being close to our studios is key to building the connection we need to have to reach the top of the charts together. Every month our publishing team organizes events around the globe to stay close to studios - come say hello!

Our success stories

Let’s start working together!

1. Meet your coach

Work hand in hand with your Publishing Manager to get feedback on your prototypes. Integrate our SDKs and start testing and improving the potential of your games.

2. Test and learn

Leverage the knowledge on our e-learning hub and stay up to date with our bimonthly livestreams to get your fast-track learning pass to the Hyper-Casual market

3. Publish your first hit

When your first game is kicking goals in all our KPIs, it will be time to show it to the world : Publish, optimize, repeat and stay #1

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