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Make new friends

Welcome to Wizz, where entertainment meets new friendships. This app allows teens to meet new people, chat, play games and make friends - we call it social entertainment. Wizz was born during a Voodoo Hackathon project. The same small, passionate team transformed their ideas into a reality, and are now seeing their app level up and take off.

WeMoms thumbnail.


Meet other mothers

Ever heard the expression ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? WeMoms connects mothers across the world in real-time, fostering solidarity and support through pregnancy and beyond. WeMoms is more than an app, it’s an online community for over a million parents already. It provides a platform to ask questions, swap advice and make friends with other mothers in your city and around the world.


Play and win cash

Our latest app, Blitz, takes our mobile games to the next level, where fun meets competition. Users can discover a vast array of games, challenge other players in head-to-head battles, and compete in tournaments, all with the chance to bet and win real cash and other prizes. Transforming their skills into real-life reward, Blitz opens up new horizons for mobile gamers.

A phone with a screenshot of the Blitz app. It shows thumbnails of games you can play, and the number of coins you currently have.

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