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Unlock exclusive brand engagement with premium mobile gamers

Why Voodoo?

As a market leader in the mobile gaming space and with more than 7 billion downloads over the past 10 years, we guarantee access to a massive and highly engaged audience throughout the world.

We have 50+ artists and developers specialising in mobile marketing content, and have 7+ years of experience scaling mobile products globally through great visuals.

Why mobile gaming?

Increase positive, playful engagement with your brand

Our users are...

  • Mixed: 48% of men, 52% of women

  • Across all age categories: 25% 18-24, 55% 25-54

  • Highly engaged: 12 minutes average daily playtime

  • Unique: 25% can’t be found on social media

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Our offering

We have the right solution to support your marketing goals


Elevate brand engagement through exclusive in-game integrations, compelling content, and exciting events, while crafting unique gaming features such as skins, tokens, and levels that align with your brand identity.

Perfect for:

  • Reaching a wider audience

  • Amplifying brand presence

  • Strengthening brand loyalty and meaningful connections

Increase awareness

Drive brand awareness with the largest pool of interstitial ads specifically targeted to mobile gamers in the US.

Perfect for:

  • Maximising brand exposure

  • Creating widespread awareness of your brand

  • Leveraging targeted interstitial ads to capture audience attention


Extend your footprint in the mobile landscape by leveraging customizable front-page integrations designed from scratch, enabling users to seamlessly interact with your brand.

Perfect for:

  • Increasing brand visibility

  • Driving user engagement

  • Capitalising on the growing mobile market


Reward our most engaged players at crucial moments with 30 user-initiated non-skippable videos that showcase your brand.

Perfect for:

  • Capturing the undivided attention of highly engaged players

  • Leveraging video content to deliver impactful brand messaging

  • Engaging with your target audience on a deeper level


Turbocharge your impact by harnessing our industry-leading creative experience with videos and playables.

Perfect for:

  • Elevating your brand's creative content

  • Maximising user engagement with captivating experiences

  • Unleashing our full creative potential to create memorable campaigns

100+ fortune 500 US Companies trust Voodoo

Targeting & Measurement

Optimise campaign performance with targeting precision and accurate measurement:

  • By audiences

  • By OS

  • By country/city

  • By game/genre

All our offers include A/B testing and brand lift studies.

Our environment is Safe and Compliant

We only launch premium games made for the whole family, owned and completely brand-safe.

Our ads are 100% viewable (no-scrolling) & compatible with major viewability vendors, to make sure our partners make the most of their campaign.

Amplify your reach with programmatic gaming supply

Prime ad Inventory. Prime users. Prime deals.

Deal types

Entertain the world with us


What is your turn-around time with major integrations in game?

3-4 weeks

Are your games brand-safe?

We only launch premium games, and you will be able to append any third-party tag needed.

What is your media default frequency cap?

It depends on the goal of the campaign but we can cap our ads by session, country or time. It’s also possible to adjust pacing to deliver evenly or asap.

Can Voodoo help with creative services?

Yes - Making amazing creatives is our business. With 7+ years of experience scaling mobile products globally through great visuals, we’ll produce the best creatives to boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

I’m already buying your inventory on the open exchanges - why should I buy you managed service?

Managed services give you access to our best inventory & offerings, with the highest level of customization.