Fast-track your artist career

We help artists create quality music, scale their audience, increase their revenues and distribute their work globally.

Improve your music

  • Internal technical production capabilities to fast-track your production

  • Direct feedback from our expert music team to improve your high-potential tracks

  • Proven data-driven methodology to test your tracks

Scale your audience

  • Digital paid marketing to grow your audience

  • Showcase your music to our 150M monthly active users in our games and apps

  • Deep understanding of platforms’ algorithms to place your music at the forefront of the charts

Grow your fanbase

  • In-house production of content for your social media channels

  • Activation of influencer marketing to help you get viral

Boost your revenues

  • Generate streams on 150+ platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube

  • Get access to playlisting, radio broadcasting, touring and synchronization opportunities

  • Benefit from partnerships with the largest brands and amplify your merchandising

They work with us

Success story

We scaled the audience of SAINT X up to  24,000 daily streams in only 3 months