All submitted prototypes should be on iOS and must follow the guidelines below:

  • New:
    They must be new - i.e. they must not have been previously tested with Voodoo.

  • Runner:
    They must fall under the “Runner” genre.

  • Physics Based:
    Core game mechanics should integrate laws of physics.

  • Game Feeling:
    Is the game feeling = satisfying or frustrating?


30/07 - Registration opens; guidelines and practical information shared

03/09 - Official kick-off; Dashboard submissions open

12/10 - Submissions close

29/10 - Awards livestream


Winners are eligible to receive $100,000 in addition to the game payouts defined through the Publishing Agreement.

Secondary Prizes:
All unique submissions which have both a CPI below 20c and a retention above 35% are eligible for a secondary prize of a total sum of $20,000.
Terms and Conditions:

All winners must meet the competition guidelines as defined above.
All prototypes must be new ie. they cannot have been previously tested with Voodoo.

Payouts validated subject to prototypes launched before 12.10.2020 that obtain Confirmation as detailed in the Publishing Agreement.

Additional prizes:
KPIs validated as per Voodoo's standard testing process (4 day of live marketing campaign) 4 days from final submission date. (ie. up to 16.10.2020)