All submitted prototypes should be on iOS and must follow the guidelines below:

  • New:
    They must be new - i.e. they must not have been previously tested with Voodoo.

  • Runner:
    They must fall under the “Runner” genre.

  • Physics Based:
    Core game mechanics should integrate laws of physics.

  • Game Feeling:
    Is the game feeling = satisfying or frustrating?


30/07 - Registration opens; guidelines and practical information shared

03/09 - Official kick-off; Dashboard submissions open

12/10 - Submissions close

29/10 - Awards livestream


Winners are eligible to receive $100,000 in addition to the game payouts defined through the Publishing Agreement.

Secondary Prizes:
All unique submissions which have both a CPI below 20c and a retention above 35% are eligible for a secondary prize of a total sum of $20,000.
I have reviewed and accept the Terms and Conditions applicable to this competition

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