Our values

Our values are designed to inspire action rather than reflection. They describe the way we need to behave to win in our industry.

Push for speed

  • Fast-paced teams always win: they learn, adapt and reach their goals ahead of anyone else

  • Things won’t be perfect, but perfection can wait and be built along the way

  • Keep pressure levels high, so things around you continue to move forward, or get them done yourself

Take risks

  • Speed comes with a portion of risk, and we should embrace it

  • Great findings or successes come from taking risks

  • Accept to disappoint your users when you try new things

  • Explore unknown areas and accept to make mistakes and break things. Big rewards never come without risk

Share and accept direct feedback

  • When something is wrong, make your voice heard, candidly, to the right person, in order to improve or fix the problem. It will help your peers to grow, and the whole company to perform better

  • Don't spread rumors, and fight the ones you hear

  • Always accept to be challenged, take the feedback positively, improve upon it

  • Never respond to feedback defensively

Fight BS & politics

  • Bullshit creates mess, blurriness, distraction, and makes talented people churn

  • Always be as concise as possible, with essential and actionable information only

  • Create value for the company and embody our culture, this is the only way you will grow as an individual

  • Never say things behind anyone’s back, always to their face, so we build trust and cohesion together

Set the highest standards

  • The mobile landscape is tough and extremely competitive, users are more demanding

  • There is no place for mediocrity

  • Learning fast and autonomously, while demanding a high level of execution in all aspects of what we do, is the only way to stay on top

  • Be demanding with yourself, your peers, your direct reports, your boss

Act like an owner

  • Owners carry within themselves the reasons for both their failures and successes

  • Never blame anyone else for your failures, you’re the only one responsible

  • Don’t find excuses, give all you have to reach your goals

  • Let no one block your path or slow you down

  • If you need to learn a new skill to succeed, do it

  • This mindset will bring you success

Disrupt the status quo

  • Things move fast, especially in our industry

  • Your mind and the way you do things should move fast too

  • Always welcome and test new ideas without judgment: disruption is always counterintuitive at first

  • So test weird things, especially those that don’t have consensus

  • This is how you will lead and find areas with no competition to grow in

Put the company’s interest first

  • Sometimes you’ll need to sacrifice part of what you do to help other strategic projects grow

  • At Voodoo every team is interconnected and works as a global one. Other teams’ goals are your goals too, help them when it is impactful for the company

  • When a decision is made, embrace it, even if you disagree with it

Think big

  • We have the lucky to be in a very scalable industry

  • The same small team can create high-impact value or low-impact value

  • We push ourselves to work on disruptive, unique and impactful ideas to remain lean, focused and highly performing

  • If a project brings some value, but not huge value, we have the courage to kill it

Think long-term

  • Putting energy into short-term successes, to the detriment of the long term, is sending organizations slowly but surely to the grave

  • We seek immediate excellence, short-term action, but we accept longer-term results, as long as they are highly ambitious

We need to be radical in implementing these values, by accepting the consequences they provoke. If we must go fast and take risks because this is the way we should act to win, we must accept that we will make mistakes and make decisions based on approximations, and thus get things wrong from time to time.