Entrepreunerial Mindset

We are constantly out of our comfort zone, exploring challenges that we've never faced before, driven by the will to have an impact and achieve ambitious goals. Being part of the Publishing Team at Voodoo requires a lot of ownership and a wide scope. From sales to customer success, through operations as well as product, we are constantly adapting our position to deliver fast and grow our business.

Thinking Big

We are growing in a “winner takes all” market. This industry brings together the best companies in the world and requires us to set ambitious goals, which only a handful of companies have achieved. Thinking big drives our ambition to remain at the top and keep innovating while growing.

Lead the Publishing strategy

We deliver high-quality products to users all around the world, whether making a game played by hundreds of millions of people or tripling the productivity of our colleagues.

Adapting our products everywhere

This new team will be responsible for adapting our existing games to develop new market areas