Incredible ownership

We are in a fast-moving market, so we need our teams to take ownership to innovate. We collaborate freely and organically instead of having teams work on specific steps of production. People have ownership over the whole lifecycle of a product, from prototyping to launch and live optimization.

Sharing everything we learn

We coach 1000+ studios and are the studio behind hits such as, and Crowd City. As a result, we gather vast amounts of knowledge on market trends and features to put in games. We are an open company and share all our learnings amongst ourselves and with our partner studios during learning hours and weekly live streams.

Thinking big

We test 100+ games per week but launch only a handful. This is because we only focus on blockbuster games that reach millions of players - we call them unicorns. Thinking big means that we thrive on delivering and testing our ideas quickly and have the discipline to say no to low impact projects. It is a huge source of motivation for the teams as we are aware that our games are going to be played by hundreds of millions of players for a long time.

Team Life

How Voodoo became the #1 mobile publisher

How Voodoo became the #1 mobile publisher

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