Data, lots of data

With over 300,000,000 Monthly Active Users, and 1,000,000,000 mobile downloads a year, Voodoo is leading the mobile gaming market. In order to support such an operation, we utilize data and think out of the box to create the optimal player experience. We have access to one of the most extreme data sets in the world and use it to provide insights for all business units.

Creativity at its best

We bring new ideas to life and develop existing concepts to enrich our already diversified gaming portfolio. We make our games even more fun, engaging, long-lasting and entertaining! Pair that with top-of-the-line A/B testing capabilities and you've got yourself a great environment for learning and developing Casual and Hyper Casual games.

We need it, we build it

We design the systems and the tools to support our operations. We build infrastructure to deal with huge scale, diversity and the growth of a newly-formed gaming genre - Hyper Casual. We aim to deliver the best systems, to be used by some of the most talented game optimization masters in the industry.