Product is at the core of Voodoo

Product Management at Voodoo spans across everything we do. Product Managers work with game development teams to deliver the next hit mobile game. Some are creating the future of interactive ads on mobile alongside creative managers, data analysts, fullstack developers, and html5 developers. Others are working with external and internal video editors and content creators, data scientists and mobile developers to create the next market leading news, social, and entertainment apps. Product managers choose their projects and deliver excellence.

Product Managers are leaders

Product Managers build, then lead, the best team of talents. They manage the team, drive the definition of the strategy and the flawless execution of the vision. Product Managers are 5-legged leaders, able to dive deep into the operational details while keeping in mind the North Star - the big picture that they defined with business stakeholders. They are the ultimate gatekeepers of Voodoo culture.

Outcome-based mission teams

Mission teams are groups of learners that work together to achieve a common, clear and ambitious business goal. Each team has full ownership of the roadmap and work relentlessly to deliver prototypes on which they can quickly iterate to find the best recipe and deliver great products.

Team Life

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