A strong sense of ownership

Our efforts are organized in “mission teams” - a team focused on solving a hard business problem. The objectives of each mission team are outcome-based (rather than feature or outputs), inspirational and ambitious. Each member of the product team is the owner of the objective of this team is trying to reach - there is no dependency with other teams or team members and each part of our codebase is open sourced between mission teams. What matters the most for each one of us is to go the extra mile to bring value to the business.

Minimum Viable Prototypes

These autonomous teams can then deliver and iterate quickly on Minimal Viable Prototypes, helping the business stakeholders and product managers to quickly test assumptions and adapt the roadmap with each learning. Transversality is ensured by technical guilds which adapt what works in one case to broader, more generic use cases. We also organize company-wide learning hours every 3 weeks and are opening our tech learning sessions to external people - fostering helpfulness.

Thinking big

Building a machine learning pipeline and platform from scratch to be the best monetization provider for more than 300 monthly active users. Fully automate all the repetitive tasks so that our business teams can focus all their energy to add value. Those are challenging engineering problems, and achieving these goals at our scale requires to think big and to regroup many areas of excellence together.

Team Life

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