What is very exciting at Voodoo is working in a highly creative environment, in which we strive to create products used everywhere in the world, combined with a rich technical and data-driven approach, thanks to which our products have the life they deserve.
Alexandre Yazdi, CEO at Voodoo

We share 6 values



Trends and technologies evolve fast. We believe that people with ownership are in the best position to anticipate them. Great people fulfill their potential when they own their decisions.



The mobile landscape is extremely competitive and users are more demanding. To stay ahead of competition excellence is the only answer. At Voodoo, excellence means solving problems by breaking the rules, learning fast and autonomously and delivering with the best execution.


Think big

In an environment where only the best products succeed, prioritizing our work is key. We do not spend time on low impact projects. We push ourselves to work on disruptive, unique and impactful ideas.



Innovation is the result of shared knowledge and collaborative work. At Voodoo, every team is interconnected and works as a global one. We value people who give and accept feedback as a way to self-improve.



We try not to fear failure, and launch our products on the market as soon as possible. By delivering fast we learn and improve the probability of success. A great product is a hard-to-find jewel. You need to dig in different places with perseverance to find it.



We believe that the value of our company is deeply related to the innovative and unique way we solve problems and approach product creation. That is why people at Voodoo are very unique too: rich, complex and passionate personalities, who do not fear to find their own paths.

Voodoo is based on 5 principles.

Creativity and technology
  • We use technology as a lever to focus our efforts solely on creative tasks.
  • We are highly creative and top-performing people, focusing on innovative projects.
  • We combine creativity and technology and use it as a lever to create value.
  • We have learned that human beings cannot predict success.
  • By confronting our ideas and products to the market we are able to refine them and improve them.
  • Creativity, intuition and imagination is the start. Data will drive you to reach your goal.
Do you
  • We allow people the freedom to be themselves as greatness is an integral part of an individual’s vision.
  • We want people able to take risks, fail and learn by themselves at a fast pace.
  • We hire people with a deep and rich personality to push the limits of creativity.
Small independent teams
  • As we work in a fast pace and changing environment, we make sure Voodoo’s team remains small, agile and autonomous.
  • This encourages innovation and the breakthrough of new ideas.
  • People are independent in all the lifecycle of a product, from prototyping to final product creation, they have full ownership of the project.
Contribution only
  • For us, only leaders make a difference.
  • We want to be leaders and innovators in the market we target.
  • We will continue to strive with sincerity and commitment.