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How to get an Apple Feature

by Laurent Ritter, COO

An Apple feature is the best way to boost your organic downloads for free. Every game studio should at least try to obtain one. This post will give you insight into the key aspects of your game to keep in mind if you want to improve your chances of getting a featuring on the Apple store.

Build a great product

Apple loves great UI and UX. Focus on quality, beautiful design, and respect Apple guidelines, and feature will come naturally.

Launch iOS first

In the fight between Apple and Google, you will get more chance to be featured if your app is exclusively on the Apple App Store only for at least 3 months.

Localize in 7 languages

Universal apps are more likely to be featured. Translate your game in at least the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

Use Apple's latest technologies

Integrate the maximum of Apple technologies inside your game, such as 3D Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV.

Integrate the Game Center

80% of featured app contain the Game Center!

Add a video preview

You can now add a video with your screen shots on the App Store.

Apple loves when developers use what they propose to them. Moreover, a video preview will drastically improve your conversion rate.

Build a relationship with Apple

This is the hard part. You can start to reach Apple member through LinkedIn, or try to meet them in events such as MWC or GDC.

We at Voodoo have a strong relationship with Apple, and we help our published games to be featured.

Send your a pitch to Apple

Write a short but great email to that describes your game. You can also attached a video and screenshots, and explain why your app should be featured (Apple technologies inside, nice design, only on iOS, ...)

Bool case study

Our first game, Quiz Run, was the exact example of what Apple don't like inside an app: old design, only in french at first, bad and complex UX. We didn't get any feature :/

For our next game, Bool, we put all the chances in our side, and it paid: we have been home page featured in 91 countries, 200k installs in one week.

What we did:

  • iOS first for 6 months
  • Very polished and Apple'ish design
  • 3D Touch integrated
  • 7 languages from the beginning
  • Objective-C technology
  • We also send a very nice pitch deck!

Good luck for the Apple feature!

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